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Advanced Engineering

Only HiSpec builds The Safety Wheel.

HiSpec Wheels are designed and built to provide the safest wheels in the specialty trailer and RV world. HiSpec employs an entire battery of high tech tools to bring a design from concept to full production.

Chief among these tools is Computer Aided Design (CAD), used for design and development of 2D drawings and 3D models. All design work is accomplished in the digital environment, from the establishment of the basic design parameters to the smallest detail of styling. Once the designs are finalized, the digital files are then downloaded to the manufacturing facilities.

Another tool used in the digital environment is Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Using FEA structural simulation in the development process allows engineers to reduce the weight of the wheel in non-critical areas while at the same time adding material only where it is needed. This allows HWT wheels to be stronger yet lighter than competitors who do not use these advanced tools in the development process.

FEA also produces visual images of the bending or twisting forces in the proposed structure, indicating the distribution of stresses and displacements making it possible to refine and optimize the design even before physical prototypes are built or testing has begun.

Using the most modern software tools ensures that wheels from HiSpec exceed all customer expectations and are the safest on the road. Only HiSpec has the Safety Wheel.