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Extreme Environment Coating

Only HiSpec builds The Safety Wheel.

HiSpec Wheel, in order to provide the best possible product, has stepped up from the typical machined and clear coated finish to the proprietary Extreme Environment Coating available on all our trailer wheel products.

HiSpec Wheel’s Extreme Environment Coating has been tested in ASTM B 117 conditions against standard clear-coated components with superior results.

The testing regimen consists of over 5000 hours in a closed testing chamber, where a salted solution of 5 percent sodium chloride is atomized by means of a nozzle or bubbler tower. This produces a corrosive environment of dense saline fog in the chamber where exposed parts are subjected to severely corrosive conditions.

Salt spray or fog testing is the most popular form of testing for protective coatings and has been in use more than 90 years as accelerated tests to determine the degree of protection afforded by both inorganic and organic coatings on metallic substrates.

The phenomenal test result of Extreme Environment Coating is just one factor that allows HiSpec Wheel to offer a two-year warranty for the finish on all trailer wheels with EEC.