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Only HiSpec builds The Safety Wheel.

Superior engineering and innovation is the driving force behind HiSpec and The Safety Wheel. This directory showcases why HiSpec wheels are specially designed for the RV and trailer industries. Reliability and safety–there is a HiSpec difference.

Just look for the wheels with the blue HiSpec Wheel logo.

Clean Line Design

The leading innovator in specialty trailer and RV wheels, HiSpec Wheel pioneered the “Clean Line Design” paradigm. This design convention helps to eliminate warranty claims for the manufacturer and the customer.    

Clean Line Design means thinking ahead of the curve and designing a wheel that performs as good as it looks. Engineering features that make the wheel easy to use on the assembly line also help to maintain good looks for years after it’s been installed.

Clean Line Design includes soft radius edges on all style features to help prevent clear coat and paint chipping and crazing, which lead to corrosion.

Clean Line Design means a recessed and painted center hub and center caps that mount without contacting the face of the wheel to further maintain clear coat and paint integrity.   

Clean Line Design incorporates lug nut recesses with enough space to allow impact sockets and cast 4-way lug wrenches to be used with no danger of contacting the recess walls, avoiding damaged coatings and ensuring proper lug nut torque on every nut, every time.