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The Laboratory

Only HiSpec builds The Safety Wheel.

HiSpec Wheel believes in fully testing its products – both in the development process and during production. For that purpose HiSpec has assembled a complete state of the art laboratory test facility in its Mishawaka, Indiana facility.

The lab includes equipment to test:

  • Radial Fatigue – Radial fatigue testing looks at the forces applied to the wheel assembly due to loading and when traveling in a straight line. The radial fatigue test rig consists of a large, motor driven drum on which the wheel and tire assembly rides. The wheel and tire assembly is positioned by a pivoting arm to which force is applied, simulating road loads.
  • Cornering Fatigue – Cornering fatigue testing looks at the forces present during a cornering event. The cornering fatigue test rig applies bending forces to the center of the wheel through a simulated hub traveling in an eccentric path while the wheel rim is held in a fixed position.
  • Impact Testing – Impact testing simulates the forces imposed by a striking force on the edge of the wheel rim such as a curb contact. The test wheel is attached to the fixture on a simulated hub and a specified weight is dropped from various heights striking the edge of the wheel.

Additionally, a full three-axis CMM machine is on site to verify dimensional conformance to specifications.